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These are some of the current clubs I am involved in at Boston College as an Executive Board Member. I contribute my creative, organizational, and leadership capacities to make innovative events come to life. I have developed skills in event planning and how to create a positive impact on campus through the wonderful teams I collaborate with!

Boston College Fashion Club

As the Co-Director of Social Media, I create a variety of graphics for the Instagram to promote articles for our online magazine, curate moodboard aesthetics, and create outfit inspiration posts. This includes, filming Instagram Reels interviewing students on campus about current trends and relevant topics about the fashion industry. Additionally, I assist in coordinating events and writing articles for the online magazine.

Article Posts

12 days of BOS Magazine (1).png
bos magazine posts (1).png

Black History Month Spotlight


Fall Fashion Show Dress Code


Instagram Reels

Sunrise Boston CollegE

Sunrise Boston College is a hub of the National Youth Sunrise Movement of students rallying for climate justice and solutions to the urgent  climate crisis. As a part of the founding board of Sunrise BC, our team organized a march across Boston on President's Day to get petition signatures and put pressure on politicians to urge President Biden to declare a climate emergency.


As the Communication & Arts Lead for Sunrise BC, I am responsible for publicizing events and meetings on our Instagram. Additionally, I have helped coordinate art builds, where we create posters and signs for our days of action.

Instagram Posts


President's Day Rally

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